Full-Service Hosting

GoMyGeo’s Full-Service Hosting provides a safe and secure infrastructure for your Organization’s Digital Assets, including your Website, Email, and DNS on the Internet.

Secure Website Hosting

Secure Email Services

Secure DNS

Full-Service Hosting


  • Activity Logging
  • Dynamic Firewall
  • Malware Detection
  • SSL Certificates


  • Secure Webserver
  • Request Logging
  • Error Logging
  • SSL Certificate
  • Encryption
  • Speed


  • Incoming Encrypted IMAP
  • Outgoing Encrypted SMTP
  • Server-Side Anti-SPAM & Anti-Virus
  • Outgoing SPAM Protection
    • Complete SPF, DKIM, & DMARC
    • Blacklist Monitoring
Full-Service Secure Hosting | DNS


Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Servers which are on completely separate upstream providers in completely different data centers and cities that act as backups to each other.
Full-Service Secure Hosting | FTPs & SFTP


Secure encrypted chrooted FTP and FTP over encrypted SSH in a chrooted environment.

Full-Service Secure Hosting | Backups


30-Day Secure encrypted backups to multiple points from different upstream providers in different data centers.